Living Space, Living Exhibition

Merkezkaç Art Collective

Exhibition, Training


04/09 – 11/12/2021

‘Living Space, Living Exhibition’ turns the new art space of Merkezkaç Art Collective into a common production platform. The project is shaped via the question “How can a space turn into a platform of expression?”, and aims at producing works that live by constantly transforming. It opens exhibiting practices for discussion via political, social, ecological and cultural circumstances together with the concepts of form, body, soul and space. The works of eight artists working together with academics, curators and art writers who conduct the content workshops are exhibited in four series in groups of artist pairs.

‘Living Space, Living Exhibition’ hosts works by Uğur Orhan and Evin Buluttekin who reflect upon the boundaries of the property, followed by works by Murat Kartal and Şilan Doğan regarding the relationship between smell and sound with space. The exhibition continues with works by Helin and Murat Gök questioning the contact with the object of art, as well as works regarding memory by Canan Budak and Remzi Sever. The project brings alive a new art space in Diyarbakır and gives room to the art audience through interactive works. It questions the collective and layered production models and the boundaries of intervention and exhibition techniques.