Moving Together

A4 Studio Open Art Space

Exhibition, Training


05/05 – 20/12/2021

‘Moving Together’ connects 6 female artists from the region for 4 workshops and an exhibition with the aim of developing joint action, conversation, and development of new methods in artistic production. The project creates fields of discussion for female artists from different disciplines living in Diyarbakır in order to explore the dynamics with which joint action can be pursued intellectually and practically Through these encounters, the project is diversifying the opportunities for research and practice. The 6 participants are selected through an open call, and subsequently, come together in online conversations and final exhibitions which will provide sources for the development of their art practices.

‘Moving Together’ opens a space to female artists’ voices on crucial topics: The workshops focus on concepts such as belonging and displacement and policies on ecology, city, social memory, and the education system in the context of the destruction in Diyarbakır’s Sur region and the resulting and ongoing gentrification. Finally,  artworks inspired by this joint process are created and shown to the public in a final exhibition.