Off the Record

13 Squaremeters Art Collective

Visual Arts

Exhibition, Research

Diyarbakır, Mardin

05/06 – 30/10/2020

With the project ‘Off the Record’, ‘13 Squaremeters Art Collective’ focuses on the alternative memory of the city and architectural places that remain outside of the recorded history, and yet give references to the urban memory in Mardin. It explores the ruins of the official and unofficial narrative about the common destinies of the places, such as destruction, alienation, abandonment, and de-identification, in social layers like an archaeological excavation. ‘Off the Record’ reveals the mental images of the memory of places that are built in various periods, the contemporary art disciplines that are produced through several methods, and fanzine and literature narratives.

By reviewing the functionality and urban experiences of the places, artists reproduce the locations through cultural reflections and printed resources. The exhibition ‘Off the Record’ gives visual clues of how the ambiguity of place and memory can be revealed through the urban experience of the artworks that are produced by the artists in a site-specific location. Mehmet Sait Tunç, Amar Kılıç, Büşra Akgeyik, Cebrail Özmen, Nurullah Değer, Murat Küçük, ‘Flaneur Initiative’, Mehmet Ali Boran, İbrahim Ayhan, Adnan Toparlı, Hasan Atılgan, Veysi Anuk, Mehmet Çimen, Canan Budak and Îrfan Amîda take part in the project as participants.