Production and Sustainability in Contemporary Art

Merkezkaç Art Collective

Contemporary Art, Literature

Talk, Training


15/12 – 17/12/2017

Merkezkaç Art Collective took the initiative to organize a large-scale training workshop targeting high school and university students from the fine arts departments. The workshop aimed to present educational opportunities for up and coming artists who have limited access to art and culture due to social and political turmoil in the region. The workshop hosted six instructors and artists along with 52 students; kicking off with Ali Asker Bal’s lecture, entitled ‘A Short History of Representation in Art’, and continued with the classes of Ezgi Bakcay’s ‘Mourning Works—Art of Remembering and Forgetting’ and Eda Yiğit’s ‘A Mutual Utopia Experience—Artist 2017 TUYAP Book Fair’. The second part encompassed Ferhat Özgür’s lecture on ‘Entertainment Culture in Contemporary Arts’, Mehtap Baydu’s ‘Performance and Interactive Art Practice’ and Özge Çelikarslan’s ‘Evolution of Video Art’. The program concluded with a panel discussion on ‘Production and Sustainability in Contemporary Art’ with the participation of lecturers, artists, students and the general public.