A.Serra Bucak / Ruken Özdemir



28/05 – 30/11/2021

”RadioJîn” opens a space where women can increase their visibility by using new media tools. The women get training on digital radio broadcasting through podcast workshops during the project which emphasizes that digital practices nourish creative production and diversity of action. The workshops focusing on gender inequality, aim for empowering women to create a langue féminine against the patriarchal language and have access to sufficient technical knowledge about podcast production. The workshops are partly conducted online due to the pandemic regulations.

The trainings held with two different groups are recorded in the RadioJin office with physical participation. The trainings include the reflections of gender-based discrimination in the language of media-communication, the alternative language possibilities in the new model of radio broadcasting and the necessary technical equipments for podcast production.

”RadioJîn“ is implemented under the facilitation of a group of women, under the coaching of Hazal Sipahi and Selen Doğan, with the collaboration of KASED (Women’s Association for Culture, Art and Literature) and with contributions by Rosa Women’s Association.