Tales of Many Voices

Children First Association

Story Telling


21/07 – 29/10/2018

A peaceful aura of fairytales hovers over Diyarbakir. As part of the ‘Tales of Many Voices’ project, in cooperation with the Children First Association of Diyarbakır, the traditional tales of Arab, Kurdish, and Armenian communities have been collected and translated into English and Turkish as well as the aforementioned languages. Being dubbed and formatted for digital platforms, these stories are to be made available for all to use in the ‘Tales of Many Voices’ Library. The library also provides an opportunity for the visually impaired to listen the multi-lingual tales. The project aims to support cultural diversity and pass these warm and heartfelt stories down to future generations. Children will come together for three separate, multi-lingual storytelling events organized at Amed City Theater, Colorful Hopes Association, and the Support for Life Association. Children and adults who have carried their childhood memories with them are invited to the ‘Tales of Many Voices’ Library and the reading events as well.