Vision, Human, Space

Diyarbakir Cinema Club


Screening, Training


01/06 – 17/06/2018

Starting in the first week of June, Diyarbakır’s stellar ‘Vision, Human, Space’ film program promotes a dynamic and productive cultural atmosphere in the city by encouraging people to take a deeper look at the urban center’s diverse and compelling nature through various training sessions and workshops regarding filming and techniques in the discipline. Held in cooperation with the Diyarbakir Arts Center, these events bring movie lovers to the city and create a space for them to interact with and learn from one another, not only through exchanging shooting techniques and analysis, but also by giving people an opportunity to work on projects and ideas in film collectively. The first stage of the workshops center on composition, camera angles, and how to best use cameras within a space, all with a comprehensive perspective that keeps the entirety of the process in focus, from early drafts all the way to the final cut. In the next stage of the program, a total of ten projects are chosen after an open brainstorming session between participants to have their ideas honed and made ready for the shooting process. The final films, made by the participants themselves and inspired by the city, will then reach a larger audience through screenings across locations in Diyarbakır. The program is an excellent example of local, grassroots arts initiatives that take pride in the community in Diyarbakır.