We Build Bridges from Songs




06/05 – 17/11/2019

In Diyarbakır, children’s songs build bridges between cultures and languages. In Ma Music Center’s multicultural and multilingual project entitled ‘We Build Bridges from Songs’, a combination of traditional and original songs in Armenian, Arabic, Turkish and the Kurmancî and Dimilî dialects of Kurdish are selected to produce recordings, a concert and educational materials. Participants write lyrics for, compose, notate, arrange and record 25 songs, five in each language. To complement the recordings, a ’Creative Teaching Method’ is prepared for each song and compiled into a book for educators. After professionally recording the songs at a studio, Ma Music Center distributes the album Multilingual Songs for Children and accompanying book to educational institutions. The children and musicians who were actively involved in the production process also perform a concert for audiences in Diyarbakır. Additionally, the songs reach a broader audience on Zarok TV and Ma Music Center’s YouTube channel.