Without a Place: Online Music Meetings in the New Normal

AmîdArt Culture and Art Initiative

Music, Performance



05/09 – 10/12/2020

Due to the pandemic regulations, musicians could not engage with audiences as a consequence of event and concert cancellations in the music industry. ‘AmîdArt Culture and Art Initiative’ enable musicians to meet with audiences online. The gatherings focus on how they are affected, and the productions and collaboration models they carry out during the pandemic by reflecting on the musical biographies, works, and experiences of the participants. With specifically determined discussion topics for each musician, the gatherings turn into an online sharing space where theory and experience are discussed.

Within the scope of the program, 13 online sessions are held in Turkish and Kurdish (in Kurmanji and Zazaki) with 17 musicians working in different genres for three months. Online meetings are shared as podcasts and videos on Youtube, Spotify, and IGTV platforms to create accessible reference sources. Through the project, it becomes possible to formulate culture and art strategies concerning the music industry, develop recommendations, and experience online platforms. It also provides an opportunity to discuss, examine, and share knowledge, and to explore alternative platforms for the future.