Colour the City

Selami Şavklıyıldız



30/05 – 25/10/2021

“Colour The City” turns wall painting into an intergenerational street art festival with the participation of junior high school and university students as well as local and international artists. The project organizes pioneering mural works for the coloring of Gaziantep and gives an opportunity to the students to paint on a wall at a visible point in the city by using a composition created by artists. Artists Case Classico, Chek Sparow, Omeria, Mr. Bakeroner, Kaos, Kems, Dion, Pesca, Justo, Usha, as well as artist and producer Ali Arif Soydaş make contributions to the project, while teachers Merve Hilal Demirkan and Zeynep Soydaş also contribute to the project during the implementation period. Encouraging the students to produce together, “Colour the City” aims at strengthening the intergenerational conveyance of street art through online workshops and applied wall painting activities.