For Artists Presenting Oneself and Learning the Market

Begüm Tatari


Talk, Training


08/07 – 02/08/2020

The project provides professional knowledge to artists from Izmir, especially those who are active in visual arts, for representing themselves and their work successfully in applications and collaboration proposals. An online platform is created on which relevant information on the art scene is accessible so that artists can choose the most appropriate path for themselves. The online program consists of seven seminars held by Evelien Kunst, Aylin Seçkin, Derya Yücel, and Luigi Galimberti and a ten-day portfolio development workshop by Işın Önol, Livia Alexander, and Ekmel Ertan.

Realized in collaboration with ‘K2 Contemporary Art Center’ and ‘Galeri A Contemporary Art Center’, the project is also collaborating with Montclair State University, ‘Nesin Art Village’, ‘amber Platform’, and ‘4 × 4 Artist Mentorship Program’ for its workshop program. For the workshop, which is only open to artists from İzmir, 17 participants from different disciplines, ages, and educational backgrounds are selected by the instructors through an open call. The seminars are live-streamed on the YouTube channel of ‘K2’, and the recordings are permanently published on the YouTube channels of ‘K2’ and ‘Galeri A’ for a wider audience. The project is developed and coordinated by Begüm Tatari and the team consists of Buse Mutan, communication and content management, Gizem Doğu, graphic design, and Hale Eryılmaz, English-Turkish interpretation.