A Mosaic of Metaphors: Gaziantep International Poetry Festival




01/11 – 03/11/2019

A Mosaic of Metaphors: The Gaziantep 2nd International Poetry Festival, with the support of Spaces of Culture and in cooperation with DAKAM, hosts prominent poets from Turkey and abroad. By bringing together poets and literary enthusiasts, the festival aims to integrate poetry into the social life of the city, stimulate the cultural atmosphere of Gaziantep and promote the city’s literary potential internationally. Guests include American poet living in Scotland Ryan van Winkle, James Byrne from England, Somalian and American writer living in Germany Luby Barre, Yuri Zavadsky from Ukraine and Turkish poets Betül Dünder, Nihat Özdal, Selahattin Yolgiden and Turgay Kantürk. The festival, conducted in Arabic, English and Turkish, is held in historical places as well as in several educational institutions with the participation of its students. Poetry performances, literary talks, speaker’s corner events and open house workshops are organized for poets of all ages and backgrounds living in the area. A Mosaic of Metaphors offers a platform for the poems of the poets in Gaziantep to be known publicly.