On the Record

13 Squaremeter Art Collective


Diyarbakır, Mardin

15/05 – 30/11/2021

“On the Record” turns the handicrafts referring to the socio-economic and cultural memory of Mardin into artworks. Productions in the fields of stonemasonry, filigree, felt crafts, saddle crafts, copper crafts, cotton print work, and wood engraving – which are important in the cultural history of the city and most of which are in danger of extinction today – are reinterpreted through the collaboration of artists and artisans from different disciplines and exhibited.

In the project,  combining art and crafts, the artisans accompany the contemporary interpretations of works by the artists. The studio processes of the works collaboratively produced by an artist and an artisan are recorded through videos and photographs, and a selection of documents regarding social-cultural memory is provided.

Contemporary artists Aysel Alver, Baran Aykutbay, Leyla Keskin, Hamdullah Aydoğan,  Canan Budak, Ayda Bayruğ, Amar Kılıç and Ayhan Akikol and artisans Hasan Özcan, Aydın İldoğan, Salahattin Babat, Hilal Yaşlı Riva Ezilmez, Erkan Muratoğlu, Şeyhmus Bartan and Mehmet Toparlı come together with their joint productions in the exhibition “On the Record”, which can also be visited online.