Şlomo: After the Migrants

Serdar Aydın, Architectural Project Production Implementation and Research Center (Mimfab), Mardin Artuklu University

Digital Art



10/05 – 20/12/2021

Taking its name from ‘Şlomo’ which means ‘hello’ in Syriac, the project focuses on historical and monumental architectural heritage and rural civil architectural examples of Syriac culture. The project deals with the cultural heritage of migrants from Syriac villages via expeditions and collective experimental implementations and organizes design workshops by combining art-based research methods with digital design tools. The rural landscape and architecture of Midyat’s Anıtlı, İzbırak and Mercimekli and Savur’s Dereiçi, are the places shaped by daily living practices of Syriacs and still hold memories to be told. During the expeditions, workshop participants meet the remaining members of the local communities. Semi-structured interviews are held with earlier migrated visitors. Through established interactions in virtual environments, stories are created, increasing the narrative power of digital productions.

Within the scope of the project, the following are designed and exhibited: digital replicas with photogrammetric and 3-dimensional modeling techniques at the intersection of the new media and architecture, virtual tours with drone shootings and 360 degrees panoramic images, authentic patterns in the region with CNC stone cuttings, interactive scenes with augmented reality, experiences close to reality with virtual reality glasses and environments processed in high resolution with laser scanning.

‘Şlomo’ is coordinated by Serdar Aydın and its researchers are İzzettin Kutlu, Berat Çelebioğlu and Lale Karataş. Among the academics, artists and professionals contributing to the project, academics and experts from the field of digital design are its workshop leaders. People from all fields and ages who are interested in the subject can participate in the workshops and exhibitions where Leman Figen Gül, Mine Özkar Kabakçıoğlu, Güzden Varinlioğlu, Sema Alaçam, Asena Kumsal Şen Bayram, Begüm Hamzaoğlu, Sevgi Altun, Burak Delikanlı, Mustafa Cem Güneş, Bora Yavuz, Fahrettin Doğan Tekin and Uluay Koçak Güvener are among the speakers.