Outside In, Inside Out

Misar Art Initiative

Visual Arts


Diyarbakır, Mardin

17/09 – 09/12/2020

During the seminars organized under the title ‘Inside Out, Outside In’, the peripheral reflections of contemporary art are examined from different perspectives; more specifically, the recently emerged contemporary art production in Diyarbakır, Mardin, and Batman. In line with the regional context, some of the issues discussed are the cultural dimensions of artistic production and its social reflections, the forms of engaging with the material, the theoretical sources of inspiration as well as the transformation of the public space in Turkey concerning spatial and linguistic issues.

The seminars open up discussions on the topics of identity, representation, ecology, gender, utopia, collectivity, and the political atmosphere to reveal the progress of such concepts from the 2000s until the present. During the online events, divided into ten seminar sessions, artists and academics from the represented region and cities in Turkey give talks with interactive audience participation. The transcriptions of the talks are made available on the website of the ‘Misar Art Initiative’ and generate an important source on regional artistic production.