‘Postdramatic’ Experiences





07/07 – 31/10/2018

The diversity and richness of today’s world has gifted us a culture of ‘thinking collectively,’ enabling us to convert challenges into creative and innovative ideas. Featuring 10 artists from five theater groups in Izmir and Amsterdam, ‘Postdramatic,’ in cooperation with the theater group CoLAB4, gives artists the chance to experience this culture together. Participants work as a single unit in a workshop in order to explore post-dramatic performance methods from all around the world and to share their experiences as they analyze the text of Belgian writer Paul Pourveur’s ‘Body Peeling.’ The stage design the artists produce during this period will be revealed to audiences at the Izmir Originn Co-working art space. Participant artists also have the chance to share their experiences with each other as well as audiences and other cultural actors at the ‘CoLAB4 Event Launch,’ which will feature Paul Pourveur himself.