Reading on the Road

Abdulkadir Korkmaz and Nusrettin Biçer



Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa

01/09 – 30/11/2020

‘Reading on the Road’ is an initiative founded by Abdulkadir Korkmaz and Nusrettin Biçer. Two village teachers, inspired by the story of Mustafa Güzelgöz, known as the ‘Librarian with a Donkey’, who brought books to villages on donkey back in the 1950s, transformed a second-hand minibus into a mobile library and filled it with books to pay regular visits to ten villages in Suruç. Along with the books, the duo presents puppets, science and art workshops. The goal of the two teachers is to visit all villages in Suruç.

From September to December, the initiative delivers puppets as well as educational material on hygiene, science, and arts to the primary schools in many border villages of Suruç, Şanlıurfa. To improve the teachers’ performing skills and to increase the use of puppets as a teaching tool, teacher training manuals were created and applied for digital and face-to-face education. The project already has reached fifteen teachers and more than 200 children. The project, selected for the ‘Changemakers’ by ‘Sabanci Foundation’ in 2020, will continue to make a difference for children as long as it stays on the roads.

Project Team: Abdulkadir Korkmaz, Başak Gürer Ceyhan, Edanur Korkmaz, Nusrettin Biçer, Onurcan Ceyhan, Feyzullah Yilanli. The Schools: Köseveli İlkokulu, Üçpınar İlkokulu, Hülya Ağan İlkokulu, Gölcük İlkokulu, Karadut İlkokulu, Aybastı İlkokulu, Taşlıkuyu İlkokulu Bellik İlkokulu, Yukarıkarıncalı İlkokulu, Bostancılar Ortaokulu.